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Frequently asked questions

Why should I book my Excursions and Activities through Dream Tenerife?
At last you can book all your excursions and activities before you go to Tenerife!
No more wasting precious holiday time trying to find the right excursion shop with the best prices - we have everything you need right here.

With over 20 years of combined experience in customer service, excursion and activity management for both holidaymakers and residents, we offer the largest variety and some of the best excursion offers in Tenerife.

With our unique Dream Team Concierge service to help you every step of the way by offering valuable help and advice on all your holiday requirements, we are determined to make your stay extra special on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

We have booked an Excursion for a special occasion how can you help make this really special?
Any additional items that you may wish to make your occasion extra special such as cakes, champagne, decorations, gifts etc. can all be arranged and the Dream Team may be able to give you more ideas if needed. To arrange that extra something special, after booking your excursion and activities, just contact us by email or speak with your Dream Team concierge. The cost of the extras will be provided to you before deciding to purchase - don't forget, our help and advice is free!

I can't find my specialised activity on your Website, how can you help me?
Not a problem! Simply contact our Dream Team by email or telephone and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with suitable options.

Can you arrange Excursions and Activities for disabled people?
Our excursion and activity tour supplier, who provides specialised services for the disabled, is able to provide all our disabled clients with the chance to experience the beautiful island of Tenerife.
Subject to availability, we can provide full disabled access island tours, and advise you on any requirements for other excursions or activities that we can provide.
Just email us or telephone the Dream Team for more information before booking your excursion or activity.

What if I want to change or cancel my Excursion or Activity?
The vast majority of Excursion Companies will not refund your ticket purchase under any circumstances, especially when booking overseas excursions.

Here at Dream Tenerife, although we cannot guarantee that our Excursion and Activity suppliers will refund the amount paid, if you contact the Dream Team and can give us at least one week's notice, we will try our best to rearrange your booking. Unlike all other Excursion and Activity Companies, if we are able to rearrange your booking we will not charge you an administration fee.

What happens if my Excursion or Activity is cancelled by the Excursion supplier?
Your health, safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to us.
If it is believed that your health, safety or comfort will be compromised in any way, our suppliers will cancel the Excursion or Activity. Although it is very rare for a booking to be cancelled, when it does occur, it is most usually for factors beyond our control for instance, weather conditions particularly at sea. The Excursion or Activity supplier will most likely try to rearrange a suitable new time or date with you to enable you to complete the excursion or activity at a later time.
If we cancel an Excursion or Activity for any reason and a rearrangement of the time or date of the booking is not suitable or possible, we will refund to you the full ticket price you paid for the Excursion or Activity.
Please ensure that you have supplied us with a contact number that will be available while you are in Tenerife.

Will my Travel Insurance cover me for Activities and Excursions?
Some of our Activities and Excursions automatically include a level of personal accidents or third party insurance in the ticket price. The 'What's Included' section of the Activity or Excursion on the website will tell you if insurance is included.
More Travel Insurance Companies are now including Activities and Excursions in their travel cover which includes the cancellation of Activities and Excursions. If you are considering purchasing Travel Insurance then check the Insurance policy to make sure that your specific Activity or Excursion is covered.