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Tenerife Fishing

Are you game for fishing?

Big Game and light tackle fishing sports catamaran

Drink in one hand, and a rod in the other, with nothing but blue skies and the open ocean, what could be better? With the choice of up to 6 fisherman and 2 spectators the whole family can enjoy this amazing excursion, or why not have a private charter for special occasions or parties?

With over 400 species of fish and over 50 world records, Tenerife offers some of the very best fishing around. We are able to fish all year catching a variety of fish from Blue Marlin, Shark, Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack and many bottom feeding fish including giant Rays.

Marlin fishing is considered to be one of the biggest feats in sport fishing. The Blue Marlin, regarded as the 'King of Fish, is the largest of all the Marlins and landing a Blue Marlin is considered to be the highest achievement of a big game fishing angler. Anglers from all around the world go looking for these magnificent creatures so that they can add the most precious feather to their cap. The largest ever caught in Canarian waters weighed in at over half a ton (537,5kg)!

The widest selection of fishing methods are available to you, depending on season and days we can provide;

Trolling, Chumming, Bottom fishing, Jigging, Night fishing excursions

Excursions run daily for 4 hours at a time and all equipment and bait is included.

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Equipment Provided
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